HP breaks its own printers (again) with firmware update

HP breaks its own printers (again) with firmware update
May 2023

A firmware update has rendered several models of HP OfficeJet printers useless for weeks. As reported by Bleeping Computer on Saturday, a recent firmware update inadvertently left many users with devices that won't print and will only display a dreaded blue screen.

HP's support forums are currently littered with users complaining that their printer is no longer functioning and that its screen has turned blue with the error code "83C0000B " displayed. The issue goes back as early as May 8. According to Bleeping Computer, the issue is impacting owners of OfficeJet 902x printers.

At least one HP rep on the forum had previously suggested that the error came from "a problem with the printer's head." However, Bleeping Computer has reported that the issue is due to a firmware update released in May.

"Just talked to the Customer Service. They confirmed it's a firmware error happening everywhere in the world. They will have no news before Tuesday 16th, so at the moment there's nothing to do," an HP customer wrote on the support forum on May 12.

HP told the publication that a "limited number" of users is affected, but support threads show the problem reaching dozens of customers in the US, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Poland.

HP responds

HP has reportedly told customers that the problem would be addressed or fixed at various dates throughout the month but has yet to issue an official remedy, leaving customers without a way to print.

Delayed responses and purported promises to fix the problem at dates that have gone by have resulted in visible frustration and customers reconsidering HP products.

One user on May 12 wrote:

I talked to HP Customer Service and they told me they don't have a solution to fix this firmware issue, at the moment. Maybe next Tuesday, they said. I will wait until Tuesday and then I'll send back the printer to Amazon, to get my money back.

HP shed a little more light on the situation in a statement sent to Bleeping Computer:

Our teams are working diligently to address the blue screen error affecting a limited number of HP OfficeJet Pro 9020e printers. We are recommending customers experiencing the error to contact our customer support team for assistance: https://support.hp.com.

However, we still don't know when users will see a fix, why the firmware update was issued, or why the update broke HP's printers. We asked HP about these remaining questions, but a spokesperson only responded with the same statement sent to Bleeping Computer.