Volcano Returns Chapter 73: Not Cancelled! Release Date & Plot

Volcano Returns Chapter 73: Not Cancelled! Release Date & Plot

Season 2 is certainly not canceled, and next time Sohaeng is sure to ask for Chung's help!

The author of Volcano Returns took an indefinite break after the first season wrapped up. This left fans wondering if a season 2 would ever be confirmed. Despite delays from publishers, Studio Lico recently shared the final release date for Chapter 73 on Twitter. Fans can now rest easy knowing that the highly awaited continuation of the series is on the horizon. So, here is all you need to know about Volcano Returns Chapter 73 release date & plot!

Chapter 73 will bring Wi Sohaeng face-to-face with Chung, and he will request Chung's assistance. Chung will have no choice but to comply. So, keep reading to find out all the details!


Volcano Returns Chapter 73: What Will Happen Next?

Volcano Returns Chapter 73 follows Chung as he considers aiding Sohaeng. But he realizes that it will not be an easy task. Sohaeng must be tactful and show Chung what he stands to gain. It will be interesting to observe how they both handle it professionally. Once they've reached an agreement, Chung plans to meet Un Gum. He believes it will help him improve his abilities. Perhaps, he may become a stronger person by experiencing the world.

Chung views this as a fantastic chance to explore the globe, despite still learning and perfecting his martial arts talents. He is confident that he will eventually earn Wi's trust. Following Un Gum's orders, Chung accompanies Wi to hear the entire story, compelling him to journey to Nanyang to confront the Wudang Sect. The Wudang chief employs various unsavory tactics to defeat and eliminate Chung upon hearing this.


A Quick Recap!

In Volcano Returns Chapter 72, Chung took some time to contemplate in the mountains, which led to the opening of Volcano Returns Chapter 72. He worried about the clan's second-ranking members, but it wasn't their training that bothered him. He was completely puzzled by the fact that they couldn't grow plum flowers. Despite this, he had faith that they would eventually learn the technique on their own. He believed that they could create the perfect plum bloom someday and began training in the woods.

Unexpectedly, Wi Sohaeng showed up at Chung's place in a constant state of panic. It was clear from Wi's fear and anxiety that the King's place was in big trouble. Wi finally revealed that hostile clans had launched an assault against the Hua Shadow sect. He asked the Lord to let him accompany Chung and revealed that the rival troops were planning to attack the Wudong sect. In response, Wi decided to take Chung along on his mission to wipe out the enemy, surprising everyone.


Volcano Returns Chapter 73: Release Date

Studio Lico tweeted that Volcano Returns Chapter 73 will be out in Mid 2023, probably in June. An exact date for Season 2 release date is not out yet. But don't fret as it will be out soon. Now that the studio has confirmed that season 2 is not cancelled, fans will be finally relieved. For the latest news, keep checking back on this page. The Anime Daily team will keep you posted.